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Dawn Schafer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dawn Schafer

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The Epilogue [Oct. 15th, 2005|01:22 pm]
Dawn Schafer
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2004|07:01 pm]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

My parents officially know that I'm going into massage therapy.


Well, Richard was kind of quiet about it, but he knew better than to butt in with his opinion this time, thank God. I was mostly worried about Dad's reaction - he's been thinking I'm kind of flaky - but all he said was that he was glad I'd taken up a study I find interesting.

Mom asked me for my first massage after getting my liscense.

I love my family!

(no subject) [May. 21st, 2004|08:20 pm]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |embarrassedembarrassed]

My prom dress is not looking so good. Going to it at all was last minute, so I just threw my ensemble together. Well, at least no one else will be wearing the same thing.

Sorry Byron. Your date is going to look something like a little girl playing dress up with Big Sis's clothes.

Speaking of which, okay, I figured out that Byron was going with a guy, the way Mary Anne avoided using "she" or "her", but with Logan?! Did not see that one coming!

(no subject) [May. 9th, 2004|10:42 am]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |nervousnervous]

Things are nice again in the Spier-Schafer residence. I have a stepsister/best friend again, my little brother is here to bug me...all I have to do is figure out how to smuggle Gracie over to Stoneybrook and everything would be perfect.

Now, how do I break it to my family that I'm not going to a "real" college? And that they won't be losing two daughters to the dorms, only one while the other, blonder one bums around the house and commutes? That's really the issue I'm most worried about.

Luckily, scatterbrain Mom hasn't put two and two together as to the fact that I should (and have) gotten my college stuff back. For once, I'm glad there's a sneaker in the freezer.

(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2004|06:28 pm]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |distresseddistressed]

I'm totally dying. Here I am, sitting on this major gossip, concerning her favorite early adolescent movie star no less, and I'm not talking to Mary Anne!

This sucks.

(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2004|08:34 pm]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |amusedamused]

So, my perfect step-sister quit the BSC. Meanwhile, I am apparently going to be offered an all-new position, as Recruitment Officer. This is an unexpected turn of events.

And now I'm off to go help Richard clean. See what I'm taking about?

(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2003|09:14 am]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |enragedenraged]

When I talked to everyone back in Palo on Christmas, my dad ended the call with, "I'll talk to you tomorrow." Okay, weird. He rarely calls two days in a row. But I didn't give it much thought; there were more important things to be concerned with right here in Stoneybrook.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty. I should've thought about it more.

I'm staying in Stoneybrook for the rest of the school year. Dad and Carol think it would be better for me here, away from all the stress at home. Funny how they don't mention that it would be better for THEM too.

Dad and Mom arranged all this before I came here for break without discussing the new arrangement with me. They said they didn't want to ruin Christmas for me. What a lie! They just didn't want me to protest, and now what can I do when I'm here already and have no way of getting home?!

In Stoneybrook for the rest of my senior year, with a sister who hates me and a mother I currently hate. Who'd have thought Richard would be the one I trust in this house? Away from the beach, the ocean, the warm winter, Sunny, Maggie, Jill, and everyone else.


(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2003|04:17 pm]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |confusedconfused]

I'm still being ignored by Mary Anne. I don't blame her, but at the same time I can't stand it. I just wish I could go back in time and slap myself fo being so stupid. Why can't I just learn not to butt in?! It's like I can never keep my mouth shut.

I called Palo today. Talking to Gracie really cheered me up; I do have the best and most adorable little sister on the planet. Dad and Carol seemed cagey for some reason and didn't talk a lot. Are they mad at me too? That's all I need right now...

(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2003|12:20 pm]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |scaredscared]

I am the worst sister in the history of sisters. I hate myself so much right now...how could I do something SO stupid?! Being around Pete just made me so mad, for Mary Anne's sake, and then I felt kind of egged on. I don't know why. I'm just a horrible person. I wouldn't blame her if she never talked to me again.

She hasn't come home yet.

(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2003|12:44 pm]
Dawn Schafer
[mood |stressedstressed]

So, rather than be nice and supportive about losing my job, Dad was not only glad, but told me that maybe now this was incentive to concentrate on my schoolwork instead of 'stupid teenage things.'

Thanks Dad. I love you too. Another fight ensued. Of course.

Carol won't back me up, Jeff has other things to worry about, Gracie's just a little kid, and Mom's apparently too wrapped up in her Connecticut daughter to care what happens to her original.

Soon, I'll be gone again, I'll be gone again, I'll be gone again...

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